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    The Eddie Cox Team: Listing Advice 

    Listing advice

    Listing your home properly is extremely important for sellers. I have prepared three of my most effective pieces of advice for home sellers.

    Marketing Rules. 

    When the National Association of Realtors surveyed home buyers to pick what was most important in their home search process, home buyers said online pictures were more important than price, description, or location. Work with an agent that knows how to properly market your home. Professional pictures, staging (or strategically organizing your current possessions), and a strong online marketing strategy are essential. Telling the home’s story in the description is essential. Price is negotiable.  Again, marketing rules.

    Experience Matters.

    Hire an experienced agent who knows your home, its value, the area, and comparable sales in the area. S/he will have a strategy for selling your home as quickly and for as much money as possible. Trust your agent and trust the process.

    The process works best when everyone communicates frequently, trusts each other and works together as a team. We can line up all of the homes we have sold and it is clear that the sellers who gave us larger budgets, more freedom to do what we thought would help sell their homes, and helped us with the work, made the greatest profit, the quickest.

    Spotlight the Special.

    Take your time to discover what makes your home stand out from those selling in your community; it may be the schools associated with your home, a bedroom on the ground floor, or the views. Each home is different and possesses special characteristics and features that will maximize your home’s sales price when advertised effectively. Combined with an aggressive marketing strategy that includes home staging, professional marketing materials and an internet advertising campaign that exposes your home to the widest possible audience will ensure your home sells at peak market price.

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