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    A testimonial to a man I hired for a real estate service who became more than just that by the name of Eddie Cox.
    In the late winter of 2021 I had to have a heart valve transplant, and within a month or so I developed a disease called Sepsis. We had never heard of this before and the medical staff told my wife and eldest daughter that I may not survive this disease. I spent 23 days in the hospital total and when I went home I told my wife everything was going. We lived in a house on Old Hickory Lake in Brandywine Farms for 31 years and we no longer needed that amount of space, so the next day I called this man that had been recommended to me by friends. He was referred to as the leader of a top sales team for Benchmark Realty, and had been used by my friends for the sale of similar properties. He came to visit the next day and we proceeded with a plan for the sale. I was very weak and confined to our living room, so all I could see was what needed to be done outside, which mostly revolved around the five old oak trees that always produced a lot of leaves, fallen sticks, and limbs. Eddie told us to just take it easy (my wife and I are in our 70’s) he will take care of it all, and he did. He cleaned all the sticks and limbs off the roof, blew out the gutters and valleys, and cleaned up the yard. Each time before he came to visit he would call to see if we needed him to stop by the store for us which was very thoughtful. He was very professional and personable during the entire process, and the sale came pretty quickly. Not only was he a top notch sales agent, he has now become a close friend. I would recommend him to anyone needing sales advice and he is someone you can trust.
    Eddie: Thanks for all your help and hard work.
    Nancy and Jerry Meeks

    Nancy Meeks