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    My parents both died last February 12 days apart and I was left with their house that still needed work from the Dec tornado. I don’t live close to Hendersonville but I kept making the trip trying to do everything we could. It was so overwhelming. I was way in over my head. I couldn’t sleep one night and knew I needed help. So I googled realtors. Eddie had so many great reviews so I called him in the morning and he came right over. After the first minute I met him he took over everything! What a relief! He gave great ideas to change in the house and then he put it on the market and BOOM it sold within a week for almost a half million dollars! He always told me to trust him and that’s exactly what I did and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. If your looking for a realtor stop right now and call Eddie Cox!! I don’t look at Eddie as a realtor no more I look at him as family ! I think my lucky stars he picked up the phone that morning and came right over. Eddie I’ve already told you but I can’t say it enough! Thank you for everything you did for me I will never forget your professionalism! Your a great human being with a passion for what you do.
    You’ll never get rid of me lol.
    Thanks again my friend,
    Rhonda Hood

    Rhonda Hood